• Patch Lady – KB 4103718 and the “third party problem”

    You remember when I posted the other day that KB 4103718 removed the “we’re researching” note from Microsoft?  Well later that day it changed… again.

    Now it says that a “third party driver” is the cause of the loss of networking, yet it doesn’t say which third party driver is at fault.  With my deepest respect to all that work at Microsoft, as I know all of you work hard and care about your customers, but obviously, but come on, stop tip toe-ing around your business partners and remember that you have a responsibility first and foremost to your customers.

    WHAT third party OEM driver?  As knowing that will help all of us patch quicker.  As it is now we’re stuck in this limbo land of not knowing what *exactly* is the trigger and *exactly* what vendor we need to look out for.

    There is an issue with Windows and a third-party software that is related to a missing file (oem<number>.inf). Because of this issue, after you apply this update, the network interface controller will stop working.

    To locate the network device, launch devmgmt.msc; it may appear under Other Devices.

    To automatically rediscover the NIC and install drivers, select Scan for Hardware Changes from the Action menu.

    a. Alternatively, install the drivers for the network device by right-clicking the device and choosing Update. Then choose Search automatically for updated driver software or Browse my computer for driver software.