• Patch Lady – new update for Windows 7 KB 4100480

    Just sync’d up to my WSUS server is KB4100480.  Based on trying to follow the KB I can’t tell if this fixes the Spectre/Meltdown fix that introduced new vulnerabilities, fixes our known issues introduced by the prior updates or anything other than confuse me more.  What I can tell you is that while it does say in the KB link that Microsoft is not aware of any issues…. the KB links to all the prior updates that DID have known issues.  For now, stick your head under the sand until further notice until we figure out what this update is doing.

    It is being flagged as a security update as I got a security notification for it, so if you have automatic updates enabled (because you love to live on the edge), be aware that you’ll probably get it installed tonight.

    Microsoft update now shows it checked for KB4100480.

    Update:  Yes it fixes the vulnerability introduced by the prior updates as per https://twitter.com/UlfFrisk/status/979470561964449794 However it’s unknown if the known issues are fixed.