• Patch Lady – results of the Consultant patcher survey

    As the weekend comes to a close, I’m baking Lemon Zucchini bread and looking over the results of the two surveys I did earlier.

    First off – yes I know they are not scientific.  They are not random responses, I went to people that are into patching.  Who often deal with the side effects of patching.  But that was my point in this exercise.  You are the folks in the trenches. Keep in mind that most of the results were received before the fiasco of the July updates.  {For the record the .NET updates have not be officially “pulled” but they are unchecked and not being pushed via Microsoft update.  If you use WSUS to patch you may want to pull back on approval}

    Tonight I’m posting the results of the consultant patching survey.  Tomorrow I’ll post the consumer results.

    The first question had to do with your overall satisfaction of patching including Windows 7 all the way through Windows 10.  As you can see by the numbers, the majority of you are not satisfied with how patching is overall.  Survey monkey has a means to make a “word cloud” from the results of the written words and you can see that many of you used the phrases of issues, quality and problems.

    The detailed responses to question one can be found here:

    Question two had to do with your overall satisfaction with Windows 10 updates specifically.

    Again, the majority of those who answered are not satisfied with Windows 10 updates.  The written responses for Question 2 can be read here.  It may take time to read through these but I think each written section is insightful.

    Question 3 had to do with usefulness of feature updates.

    Again, the majority are indicating that feature updates are not useful to their business.  The written responses for Question 3 can be read here.

    Question 4 had to do with how often you wanted feature releases.

    Only 11% of the respondents thought the current cadence of twice a year was fine.  The majority wanted a slower cadence.

    The written responses for question 4 are here.

    Question 5 was an overall question as to whether or not Windows 10 is meeting your business needs.

    As you can see the majority of consultants indicated that Windows 10 is meeting their business needs.

    The detailed responses are listed here.  Also these are insightful.

    Finally the last question was an open ended question – “What could be changed in Windows 10 to make it better for your business?”

    The results for that final question are here {With a kind warning.  I’m not editing any of the responses and in this final one I spotted a few swear words, so be aware that this is the raw results}.

    I’ll be summarizing this even more and providing my findings as feedback.  Can I promise that changes will be made?  No, I honestly can’t.  But I have to try.  We have to try.

    Because what we have now…. as July’s updates showcased… it’s not working.  Something has to change.