• Patch Lady – this makes me mad

    Today on Twitter, the @microsofthelps  posted up a kindly and helpful post with five different reasons why a Windows user might get a notification that their Windows machine is not activated.

    They kindly point out the five reasons…. a different product key was used during repair, hardware changes, counterfeit software, or one copy of Windows installed on multiple PCs.

    Except as @AngryBatVoice points out they failed to point out one more very good reason that you might be having Windows 10 activation problems:

    Microsoft themselves.

    I join with Woody and Ed Bott in saying enough is enough.  Having the official @Microsofthelps twitter account make it seem like the activation problem is not their fault just makes me mad.

    Also it’s about near impossible to keep track of bugs in 1809 and where they are at in the phase of being fixed (obviously a key reason that we are nearly midway through November and 1809 hasn’t been unpaused).

    So here’s what I want in Windows 10:

    1. A console to track issues and get the current condition of resolutions
    2. Every version of Windows should be able to defer and pause updates

    Enough is enough Microsoft, your customers deserve better than this.