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  • Problems with yesterday’s Win10 1709 patch, KB 4090913, starting to appear

    Posted on March 6th, 2018 at 07:26 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I’m seeing some reports of problems with yesterday’s Patch Monday single-purpose cumulative update for Win10 1709.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows.

    UPDATE: We have a report of the “reboot to black” bug in the Win7 Feb. Monthly Rollup KB 4074598.

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      Da Boss

      I’m seeing some reports of problems with yesterday’s Patch Monday single-purpose cumulative update for Win10 1709. Post coming in Computerworld.
      [See the full post at: Problems with yesterday’s Win10 1709 patch, KB 4090913, starting to appear]

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Problems with Windows patches, dog bites man — ho-hum, so what else is new? 🙂

      It’s getting to the point where it’s news if a patch DOESN’T cause problems.

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      It is terrible nothing works KB 4090913 DOWNLOADED 4 TIMES, fails to install,KB4074588 DOWNLOADED 27 TIMES, fails to install,some mad guys at work in MICROSOFT

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        Da Boss

        Make sure you follow the steps at the newly updated Windows Update Troubleshooter.

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        Hello Anonymous, Woody is right, look at the WU repair tool/troubleshooter. BUT, I would also like to stress that you  want to run Microsoft’s “Disk Cleanup”,  press the “Clean up System Files” button, and see about removing the “old MS updates and Previous Windows version OS” (some people are afraid of Disk Cleanup but it IS from MS and every Windows version has it). If you do, reboot afterwards. Then go run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

        I have seen where after doing MS updates (that I do one-by-one), it may take 3 reboots to get the PC to boot at a normal speed again.

        I have also found that Windows will run “idle tasks” after about 20 minutes of non use. Google “Process Idle Tasks”. Let the PC sit for an hour, and not sleep, so the Idle Tasks will run.


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      AskWoody Lounger

      Well sounds like Win10Pro 1709 and above “guinea pigs” have a bit of a dilemma this weekend normally 28-29th day, if your set to defer for 30 days. KB4074588 sounds like its still not fit to go, and the fix KB4090913 is shaping up to be a real “howler” in the making. For your added enjoyment KB4090914 Servicing stack update is lurking out there, seldom a problem but a good idea to put in. Looks like I will be taking another patch Holiday again for the 2nd time this year and its only March. Looks like i’ll hide kb4074588 and wait and see how Next Patch Tuesday treats us next week incurring another 30 day wait.
      Just in case you don’t have it the links here Really M$ whatever New years resolution you adopted, its still not too late to change 😉

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      Will setting your connection to metered block this update?

      • #172921 Reply

        Da Boss

        Yes, providing the connection is set to metered before the updates is downloaded.

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          Good to know, thank you!

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      I just installed KB4090913 on two ASUS X550Z laptops with 64bit AMD-A10 processors (KB4074588 was not previously been installed on either machine).  The installation was trouble free and the computers are functioning correctly.


      • #173051 Reply

        AskWoody MVP


        My experience with these two updates on my Dell XPS desktops is identical to yours. Absolutely no problems what so ever and I beat on these machines a lot of hours per day.

        HTH ?

        May the Forces of good computing be with you!


        PowerShell & VBA Rule!
        Computer Specs

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      Anyone running on 1709 should sit back and wait for 1803 rolling out soon. While some bugs introduced in 1709 and previous version have not been addressed, 1803 works better than 1709 and is certainly more stable than 1709 ever was…

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Really? that’s good to know I was going to sit out the Win10 1803 version. In favour of maybe Greg Keizers model or maybe once a year. Bug fixing on my Home machines was getting a bit too much like work and unpaid as well. Occasionally I have been known to throw it in a VHD to see how it shakes, but just lately its been more of a chore fixing stuff and getting it “right” than any new features. Either old age or laziness, I am probably going to wait for the either shrieks of acclaim or the screams of angst before deciding.

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          Sure, sticking with what you have until the new thing works is never a bad idea. As soon 1803 rolls out, we’ll know for sure what’s up with the new toy…

    • #173012 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      At this point I don’t even know why anyone would even use hibernation mode. On a tablet, maybe, but it’s never been reliable on a desktop or notebook, especially when joined to a corporate network.

      First thing I do on any Windows 7 build is to run the powercfg command to get rid of the hibernation file and disable it all through policy.

      No matter where you go, there you are.

      • #173114 Reply


        I use it all the time as it has been more stable with Windows 8.1 & 10 than Windows 7’s implementation which can be prone to getting stale and flaky after a few uses per day*. It been faster to resume a workflow from hibernation than cold booting Windows and starting all the needed programs.

        Sure it would be better to turn it off if people use multiple operating systems since will likely occur when forgetfully changing files on the Windows NTFS partition.

        Windows networking is Windows network, meh…

        *I tried using the hibernation feature for a week once instead of shutting down Windows 7. By weeks end the computer locked up tight after the restore from hibernation and required a forced power off. Thankfully Windows 7 recovered well after a fresh cold start and no data was lost.

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      Based on the historical feature updates of Windows 10, I’ll be shocked if 1803 is any different. Each feature update seems to get worse, causes more patch problems, and introduces more show-stopping bugs.

      I’m not holding my breath.

      • #173045 Reply


        Well, they just focus on the latest version under development… After shipping… they no longer care…

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      It didn’t help me at all. My onboard keyboard on my laptop became unresponsive right after KB4074588. I waited for the next ‘Update Tuesday’ and on 3/6 KB4090913 was available. After a troubled download and seemingly fine install, nothing changed.

      I called MS tech support and they seemed confused by the entire matter. I got escalated to a level 2 support team…WOW, I feel so important now. Not important enough to deal with the issue, but “we will call you right back on that…tomorrow.”

      This is why Microsoft is worth about $ 1.86. Their flagship OS takes a ton of effort/$’s to develop/support and everyone will eternally hate them for it. Their Office software products have freeware competitors that are just as good. They killed Nokia. The only light in their portfolio is Xbox.

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      I too updated to KB4090913. After that my Windows HP Mixed Reality won’t start.  It say it couldn’t connect it.  As soon as I roll back the update, everything working fine again.  I am now temporary removing this update.  It cause more problem then it fixed!

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      I tried updating to the patch, got an instant rollback saying it cannot complete the update. Guess I’ll wait.

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      Do some here have service NLSSRV32.EXE by Nalperion running? Apparently it is bundled with some computers especially those that came with Nitro PDF. Its a Licensing thing for some (paid) software, apparently Norton and ?Adobe use or used it.

      I only found it yesterday while going through Services in WinPatrol. Some searching found that it also interferes with Windows Updates! Haven’t saved the references, sorry, search for the exe itself. Don’t panic, if its in the proper location its not malware, (searching will tell you), it is irritating and frankly might have given MS a few headaches. I think you can search for it in their forums, I didn’t go that far.

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      Yesterday, user received Inaccessible_Boot_Drive error.

      DISM shows last patch 2-16-2018 Package _for_Rollupfix …16299.248.1.17
      Removed this package.

      Reboot, system comes up doing updates.
      Updates finish.

      Check system. Viewed Installed updates shows KB4090913, Requires restart to finish this update. Restart 3 times, and message continues to be on the View Installed screen. Run the Windows Update Trouble shooter mentioned on an another post (Thank you, I had not seen that program before.) Message still on View Installed updates screen.

      Run DISM and it shows KB4090914 installed and Package for RollupFix … 16299.251.1.4 installed.
      No mention of KB4090913.

      Best guess, updates were installing when I got Inaccessible Boot error. Removing 248 fixed system and it finished updates. I assume 4090913 may have caused issue and is now stuck?

      Machine is working.

      Wish there was a way to check the state of Windows when I got the Inaccessible Boot, so I could have seen what patch it was installing.

      Good luck,

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      Spent 3 hours this morning trying to figure out what happened to my keyboard and mouse and how to get in to the OS. Even booting into safe mode didn’t help, and the windows support instructions I found for rolling back a patch from the command line didn’t work, as it assumed c: drive was available and I only had x: drive and it was the running the OS, so dism wouldn’t touch it. Finally was able to get in by reinserting the wireless mouse transmitter after boot which got it to reinstall at least the mouse driver (it kept saying the keyboard was already installed and working fine, even though it wasn’t), and then I was able to use the on-screen keyboard and uninstall the patch.  The patch reinstalled itself, and then I was able to get the keyboard driver to be reinstalled when I moved it to another port. Then I was able to move the keyboard back and finally everything is working again.  Thanks #$^@&* Microsoft.  Maybe next time you’ll have enough sense to skip deleting input devices…

      • #174334 Reply


        The drive letters can be different in the Windows Recovery Environment.

    • #174298 Reply


      KB4090913 no longer offered through WU, but still available in MU catalog and WSUS

    • #174342 Reply


      I found for rolling back a patch from the command line didn’t work, as it assumed c: drive was available and I only had x: drive and it was the running the OS, so dism wouldn’t touch it.

      X: should be the boot device you used to get to the WinRE… it’s not the hard drive (or SSD) you are trying to repair.  In my case, C: has usually been reported as C:, but that may not always be the case in WinRE… you may have to hunt around for it.

      Group "L" (KDE Neon User Edition 5.15.3 & Kubuntu 18.04).

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      The original update and still the kb4090913 destroyed a working touchscreen. The device manager shows the touch only as a mouse, and so the additional DisplayLink usb-display without touch is calculated within touch coordinates. So touching the main display shows the mouse pointer at totally wrong position!


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      KB4090913 causes my Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to STOP working. I have to remove the wireless device to regain control of the laptop keyboard. KB4090913 does NOT fix USB Wireless Mouse & Keyboard problems. I have to rollback to the January update.

    • #175124 Reply


      So… is KB4090913 the official 1709 cumulative update for March 2018 (released on 6-Mar)? or is another coming on patch Tuesday? Its name seems to suggest that it IS the one for March, but this page I’m replying on refers to it as a single purpose cumulative update.

      Since I prefer to let the dust settle on new monthly cumulative updates (ie. wait a few weeks), and since I am waiting for a fix for the USB and other issues caused in the Feb cumulative update(s) before installing them, this 4090913 looks close, but I don’t want to install it NOW if it is the full monthly update. Other than its earlier-than-patch-Tuesday release date, how else to tell?

      • #175171 Reply


        No, and very likely, respectively. The updates released on Patch Tuesdays usually contain new security-related fixes. KB4090913 doesn’t list any new security-related fixes.

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        • #175432 Reply


          Ok, thanks for the confirmation. Annoying that they give it the same name (including “2018-03”) as the full Patch Tuesday one!

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      A computer at work installed KB4090913 at boot up this morning, and the USB input devices promptly stopped working. Remoted into it and uninstalled the update, and it started working properly again.

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