• Patch Lady – Semi annual naming is still confusing

    So I’ve seen several questions on the Patch Management list about the naming of the Feature releases and the confusion about what release is what.  Clearly even Microsoft is confused.  Case in point:


    On Microsoft’s own documentation they are getting the two releases confused.

    Semi-Annual targeted channel is the old Current Branch release.  It’s what 1803 – the April release is now.  It means that the feature release is just out, it’s too soon to be deemed solid for business.

    Semi-Annual channel  – just plain – is the old Current Branch for Business.  It’s when the feature release is designated to be ready for business.

    Yet in the chart above as you can see the release versions are exactly backwards.

    Microsoft changed the naming to align with what Office release naming is, but I honestly think they need to go back to the drawing board and try naming these releases again for both Windows and Office.  Clearly they are confusing even for Microsoft.  Clearly they are confusing to the Admin crowd.  Clearly they are confusing even for end users trying to figure out where they should be on what feature release.