• Server error “invalid AppPoolId ‘CertWebService_App’” due to bad .NET patches?

    Interesting quandary from @jstillings1:

    Ok folks theory check this.

    Windows server 2016 essentials set up 7/21/2018

    All patches are installed… yes the july ones.

    Local machines are getting an error when trying to use the web interface to connect to the domain by using http://[server-name]/Connect

    I have a theory it is due to the certificate issues with IIS with .Net updates with the july patches…

    Here is the error codes in IIS

    The application ‘/’ belonging to site ‘2’ has an invalid AppPoolId ‘CertWebService_App’ set.  Therefore, the application will be ignored.

    Site 2 was disabled because the root application defined for the site is invalid. See the previous event log message for information about why the root application is invalid.

    The Application Host Helper Service encountered an error trying to delete the history directory ‘C:\inetpub\history\CFGHISTORY_0000000014’.  The directory will be skipped and ignored.  Note that the directory may still get deleted in the future if the service restarts.  The data field contains the error number.

    So am I just a IT noob and didnt set up the server right or… did the .NET patches break something..