• The future of Office: Click-to-Run, on Win10 only

    Looks like Office is in for some major changes.

    The next version of Office, called Office 2019, is due out the gate in the second half of 2018.

    The official Changes to Office and Windows servicing and support document, posted yesterday, still has my head swimming.

    If I understand things correctly:

    • Office 2019 will be “Office 365-style” click-to-run only, unless you put it on a server. Starting with this new version, you have to rent Office, you can’t buy it.
    • Office 2019 will only run on currently-supported versions of Windows 10. But it will not run on Server 2016. That means you’ll have to keep your version of Win10 updated if you want to continue to rent Office 2019.
    • Office 2019 will not run on the current Long-Term Servicing version of Win10. But it will run on the new Win10 LTSC that will be released, sometime, later this year. Similarly, it won’t run on the current Server LTSC, but will run on the new Server LTSC, due out sometime this year.

    Martin Brinkmann has a good explainer on ghacks.

    Mary Jo Foley tackles the topic from a functional perspective on ZDNet.

    (Personally, I’m moving almost everything over to Google Docs and Sheets. I have a couple of complex macros — including the KBNew lister — that will continue to need Excel, but Excel 2013 works fine, and I own it. Win10 All-In-One For Dummies submissions have to go in Word. So far, anyway — the editorial staff may figure out Google Docs one of these days. But I’ve moved everything else to Google Docs and Sheets. Suggest you do, too.)