• Upgrade from 1703 to 1709 hoses one admin profile

    Oh dear.

    Those of us running 1703 will have to move to a new version pretty quickly. I’ll be weighing the options and making a recommendation in the next week or two.

    This report came as something of a surprise:

    Dell XPS 8920, Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 16 Gb RAM, Windows 10 Professional.

    2 administrator profiles ME, HER. 1709 update pushed while in ME profile. HER profile also signed in. ME profile seems to be working, but HER profile will not open. Sign in to HER profile, desktop appears for a couple of seconds then goes to the picture display before the sign in screen.

    No matter how many times you try, the same happens. Roll back to 1703 and everything works like it should. Delay 1709 for 365 days.

    10/18/2018 signed in to HER profile and 1709 is pushed again. Same issue as a year ago. ME profile works, but HER profile does not.

    Figured the problem would have been fixed by now…HA HA HA…snicker…oh…sorry. Have not find anything on the web to fix this.

    Anybody else see this?