• WHY are 1809 upgraders getting their files zapped?

    I’ve been looking at reports from all over the world, and can’t find a pattern. Some people got hit, others didn’t, and I have no idea why.

    If you had your documents, pictures, or other files deleted on the road to 1809, please post on this Reddit thread and help Microsoft figure it out.

    And make sure to tell your friends that all is not lost. A quick run of Recuva should bring the deleted files back.

    UPDATE: There’s some question as to whether Recuva can recover 1809-upgrade-deleted-files from an SSD. Lots of moving parts. If you’ve hit the 1809-upgrade-deleted files problem, and they were deleted from an SSD, I’d appreciate your advice!

    After that, you can roll back the upgrade. Which ain’t a bad idea.