• Win10 usage share stagnating

    I’m waiting for Gregg Keizer’s analysis in Computerworld, but no matter which usage share statistics you use, Win10 is stuck in the doldrums.

    Netmarketshare – June 2018

    Netmarketshare says Win7 went from 41.79% in May to 43.03% in June, while Win10 went from 34.74% to 34.92%.

    Statcounter says Win7 went from 39.44% in May to 39.63% in June. Win10 went from 47.21% in May to 46.75% in June.

    Netmarketshare: Win7 + 1.24%, Win10 + 0.18%

    Statcounter: Win7: + 0.19%, Win10 – 0.46%

    Of course month-to-month deltas are tiny, but it certainly doesn’t look to me like a landslide win for Win10.