• Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4462923, makes a sudden re-appearance

    Remember how we’ve been having problems with KB 4462923, the October Win7 Monthly Rollup?

    Looks like there was a reason why Microsoft buried it so deep.

    @PKCano reports

    KB4462923 2018-10 Security Monthly Quality Rollup showed up CHECKED in the “important updates” on my Win7 today 11/1/18.

    On a test machine, I installed it along with the 2018-10 .NET Rollup and MSRT without an error (Note: the SSU KB3177467 v1 was installed on my machine in 2016)

    AFTER the reboot, KB3177467 v2, the Servicing Stack released 10/9/2018 appeared and installed without requiring a reboot. The hash is the same and the file size is the same. Must be a metadata change to let it install without an error before KB3177467 v2 (the SSU).

    I don’t see any documentation of this, anywhere.

    Now aren’t you glad you haven’t yet installed the October updates?