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Daily Archives: March 16, 2019

  • When will MS start pushing the update to Win10 1809 on machines set for the SAC “branch”?

    Posted on March 16th, 2019 at 07:38 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    It’s a simple question.

    I have my Win1803 machine set up with my recommended Windows Update advanced options:

    Microsoft says it’s getting rid of “Semi-Annual Channel.”

    So when does Windows start pushing 1809 onto my 1803 machine? I’ve been wondering about that for some time now — figured that MS would have to declare Win10 1809 “Semi-Annual Channel” at some point, if only to honor the settings in earlier versions of Win10.

    @PKCano had a fascinating observation:

    If they declare 1809 “ready for business” at the same time they release 1903:
    + The deferral period for 1809 begins, (for a maximum of 365 days) from that point.
    + If they release 1903, with the changes they have made to SAC doing away with SACT, the deferral period for 1903 begins, (for a maximum of 365 days) from that point.

    Now they have two versions of Win10 reaching the end of the deferral time simultaneously.

    Which I find to be a brilliant way to unwind the Gordian knot. Microsoft, basically, says “let ’em eat cake” and walks away.

    @b offered an interesting twist:

    Plus 60 days:

    For devices that have been configured with a branch readiness of SAC, for the upgrade to version 1903 only, we will add an additional 60 days to the configured deferral. This will simulate the delay previously experienced when Microsoft declared the SAC milestone. For example, if your device is currently configured to defer updates 30 days from the SAC release date, for the upgrade to version 1903 (and this time only), we would append a 60-day delay to that configured 30-day deferral–meaning that the device would be upgraded 90 days (60+30) after version 1903 is released. (Note that the additional 60 days will be handled on our service side, and will not be reflected in your device configuration.)
    Windows Update for Business and the retirement of SAC-T

    Microsoft has already said that it’ll jump over its now-declared-redundant “SAC” setting in 1809 by adding 60 days to the 1809 Windows Update “feature update” advanced setting. Perhaps, as @b says, they’ll do the same to 1803. [Permit me to clarify: I’m saying that Win10 1809 will be upgraded to 1903 according to the 60-days-plus-deferral-days rule. We know that. But I’m betting that Microsoft will use identically obfuscated logic to upgrade 1803 users straight to 1903 using the same rule.]

    What a thoroughly screwed up resolution to an incredibly convoluted series of patching re-re-re-definitions.