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Daily Archives: July 25, 2019

  • BlueKeep is almost here. If you haven’t installed Win7/XP patches since May, get your systems patched!

    Posted on July 25th, 2019 at 11:00 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge


  • Cortana isn’t exactly going away, but…

    Posted on July 25th, 2019 at 10:15 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Good overview of Cortana’s long-anticipated demise by Tom Warren, over at The Verge.

    Microsoft is now refocusing Cortana and stripping back its direct integration in Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Microsoft has a new vision for Cortana, involving conversational interactions for workers who are organizing their days.

    Don’t know about you, but I’m quite happy with the way my working days are organized. Which is to say, hectically.

    I use Alexa and OK Google all the time, and Siri occasionally. I never understood why anyone would want Cortana. Perhaps “she” will find peace in her new home.

  • Is there a way to tell the Win10 1903 version upgrade routine to leave your drivers alone?

    Posted on July 25th, 2019 at 07:47 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Extensive testing by @Rick Corbett shows that the old tricks don’t work:


    Doesn’t prevent drivers from being replaced during a feature upgrade (version changes, such as the move from 1809 to 1903). As @b notes, the name of the key refers to Quality Updates, not feature upgrades.

    @Alex5723 notes that there’s a Control Panel setting that should work. You would think:

    @Rick Corbett tried that and found:

    Yes, it does have that setting (via Control Panel) but that setting is for metadata of a distinct class of hardware, not *all* hardware device drivers themselves… toggling the option makes Services start BITS to download metadata, not WUDO… so it’s not Windows Update-related. (BITS is no longer used by Windows Update by default.) As far as I can see there’s no effect at all on controlling downloads of device drivers themselves… but happy to be proven wrong.

    @Rick Corbett concludes:

    I’ve been through every setting in Settings and tried the previous REG tweaks to prevent hardware drivers from being included/downloaded/installed by Windows Update, all to no avail. It looks like with 1903 that Microsoft has removed all methods of preventing the inclusion of device drivers.

    Anybody out there have a solution? Lots and lots of people would like to keep their old drivers when upgrading, instead of having Windows Update wipe them all out.