• All of the out-of-band patches were re-issued in the past few hours

    Every. Single. One.

    I just woke up to discover that all 50 of the 2019-10 patches in the Microsoft Update Catalog have been re-issued. They used to be dated Oct. 2. Now they’re dated Oct. 4. That kind of wholesale change is common when Microsoft changes “metadata” — the part of the patches that control how the patch gets installed. But it appears as if some of the patches (all of them?) have been yanked from Windows Update.

    @PKCano reports that the Win7 out-of-band patch, KB 4524157, has disappeared from Windows Update.

    The KB 4524157 Knowledge Base article says that it’s still available via Windows Update. But, apparently, the KB article lies. No surprise there.

    I just ran a wushowhide check on my Win10 1809 product machine, and it doesn’t show KB 4524148 — the 1809 out-of-band patch — as pending.

    Ztrucker on Tenforums reports, for Win10 version 1903:

    I had to get the Servicing Stack Update and Cumulative Update from the MS Catalog since Check for updates did not give it to me.

    Let me do a quick run through my virtual machines and the blogosphere and check back.

    The official Windows Update Status page doesn’t say anything about the new turn of events.

    @PKCano theorizes that MS isn’t even going to change the KB numbers, when the “for real” Patch Tuesday patches arrive on Tuesday. Kinda sweep everything under the rug.

    Oh. And the bugs are pouring in. Mayank Parmar at Windows Latest just published an article about the Sept. 26 patch for Windo 1903 — the third September cumulative update, KB 4517211 – breaking VMWare Workstation. Yesterday, Abhay Venkatesh at Neowin talked about the broken Start menu after installing the latest (fourth September cumulative update, KB 4524147) patch for Win10 1903. Venkat at Techdows has a smorgasbord report of bugs in KB 4524147 as well. Sergiu Gatlan has a report in BleepingComputer about the broken Start menu in KB 4524147. He, too, talks about the ongoing print problems.

    I just spot-checked the update downloads in the Catalog, and they contain files dated Sept 30 and Oct 1.

    We’re still at MS-DEFCON 1, folks. There’s absolutely no good reason to install ANY September patches.

    … and if you still think that the monthly patches are getting better, I know a fine opthamologist…