• Avira confirms that this month’s Win7 and Win10 version 1809 patches slow down PCs running their AV products

    Details on this are a bit sketchy, but Avira just posted an explanation saying:

    Why does my system run very slow?
    We could reproduce the described behavior.
    This is occurring because of a current Windows Update.

    … and goes on to specify the Win10 version 1809 cumulative update KB 4493509, and the Win7 updates KB 4493472 (April Monthly Rollup) and KB 4493448 (Security-only) can lead to the slowdowns.

    As was the case with the first mea culpa from Sophos, I have to wonder if that’s the full list of bad patches.

    I also wonder why Avira’s reporting a slowdown, whereas Sophos and Avast report freezes on startup.

    There are no other details I can find. Microsoft certainly hasn’t acknowledged anything other than a slight misunderstanding with Sophos. C’mon, Softies. You say you’re going to give us better accountability for patches and improved guidance when things turn for the worse. We could use a big dose of that right now.

    The next time somebody tells you that you have to install Microsoft patches as soon as they’re available… oh, nevermind. I guess it’s good that some folks volunteer to test this stuff.

    Good synopsis from Lawrence Abrams on BleepingComputer.