• Bott: New UK-based study shows Win10 Home users are “baffled by updates”

    Credit: In Control with no Control: Perceptions and Reality of Windows 10 Home Edition Update Features (PDF)

    I can’t imagine why…

    Ed Bott has a new article at ZDNet that goes over the details

    users don’t understand how often updates are delivered, nor do they appreciate the difference between monthly quality updates and semi-annual feature updates.

    I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

    survey respondents think that the Windows 10 update approach is an improvement over that found in previous Windows versions. Among participants who had experience with earlier Windows versions 53 percent reported they felt updating Windows 10 is easier, versus only 8 percent who found the process more difficult.

    a majority of respondents agreed that the Windows 10 update process causes fewer interruptions than in previous versions

    I’d sure like an opportunity to sit down with those people. And carry a big stick.