• Catalin Cimpanu: Over 540 million Facebook records found on exposed Amazon Web Service servers

    Catalin Cimpanu has (another) amazing scoop, on ZDNet:

    The first server contained most of the data, and belonged to Cultura Colectiva, a Mexico-based online media platform operating across Spanish-speaking Latin America countries.

    At a size of 146GB, this AWS server stored over 540 million records detailing user account names, Facebook IDs, comments, likes, reactions, and other data used for analyzing social media feeds and user interactions.

    The second AWS server stored data recorded by the “At the Pool” Facebook game. This included details such as the Facebook user ID, a list of Facebook friends, likes, photos, groups, checkins, and user preferences like movies, music, books, interests, and other, along with 22,000 passwords.

    Facebook sells data to third parties, who don’t take care of it.