• If your AskWoody username is an email address…

    We have tens of thousands of new AskWoody accounts and will soon have hundreds of thousands of new posts.

    If you’re currently using an email address as your AskWoody account name, please get it changed. To see your username, log in. Open your profile by clicking on the link below your avatar (the picture in the upper right corner, which may just look like a gray watermelon). Click Edit. The username field is under Account, down the page a bit. It’s grayed out. You can’t change it.

    You don’t want to use an email address as your username. Lots of reasons why, but the big one is privacy — if you post something, your email address will be hanging out for anyone to see, and for every spider to crawl. It’s a Big Deal.

    You won’t be able to change the username yourself – WordPress doesn’t let anybody change usernames. Instead, I have to blast away the old and then you can register a new one. I can step you through the process. It only takes a few minutes. And you won’t lose your Plus membership. Promise.