• If you’re running Win10 Pro 1803 and you want to move to 1809 so you don’t get pushed to 1903, there’s good news

    @PKCano has gone through the steps:

    I’m not ready for 1903 yet. I wanted to see if I could update my 1803 Pro to to 1809 through the usual channels. I was up to date through June CU KB4503268 Build 17134.829, not seeing ANY of the new settings, not offered either 1809 or 1903, even after “checking for updates.”

    My original settings: SAC, Feature deferral=365, Quality deferral=0, No pause. In Group Policy, Configure Automatic Updates=Enabled, value 2 (notify download/install). I am NOT using any third-party update blockers. The Feature deferral of 365 preventing being offered feature updates.

    Trying @zero2dash ‘s method, I set Feature deferrals to 32 days (it has not been 32 days since 1903’s release, so that should give me 1809). Checking for updates, SAC kept me from being offered the June Preview CU. Sure enough, I was offered Feature Update 1809. It installed as Build 17763.592.

    I put the Feature deferral on 1809 back to 365 days. I am NOT seeing 1903 offered nor the “download and install now” section in Windows Update. Everything seems to be working. BitDefender Free, Malwarebytes Free, Open Shell Menu

    Please NOTE: Win10 v1903 was released May 21, 2019. I used 32 days as the Feature deferral setting in my test because it had been less than 32 days since v1903 had been released.
    If you are attempting this method, the number of deferral days has to be set GREATER THAN the number of days between the current date and May 21st. Add a few days to the difference just to be safe.

    Excellent news for anyone who didn’t squirrel away a copy of 1809 while it was easily downloaded.