• Incoming: New cumulative updates for Win10 1703, 1709, 1803, and previews for Win8.1 and .NET 4.6

    They’re coming hot off the presses right now.

    The Microsoft Update Catalog shows 14 new patches, just released. Details coming.

    Nothing for 1809. Yet. It would appear as if using the Windows Insider Preview Ring is working the way it’s supposed to!

    Win10 1803 cumulative update KB 4480976 brings build up to 17134.556

    Win10 1709 cumulative update KB 4480967 brings the build to 16299.936

    Win10 1703 cumulative update KB 4480959 brings the build to 15063.1596

    Looks like they’re only for “seekers” — they only install if you click “Check for updates.” I don’t see them coming in through the Automatic Update chute.

    Win8.1 Preview of Monthly Rollup KB 4480969

    I don’t see anything for Win7.

    Win7 Preview of Monthly Rollup KB 4480955 released 17 Jan

    Win10 1607 cumulative update KB 4480977 build 14393.2759 released 17 Jan

    All of them still have the acknowledged Jet database bug.

    Thx @GoneToPlaid