• Installing November’s Win7 Servicing Stack Update KB 4523206 may lock up your PC

    Report in from Seff :

    Since installing the monthly rollup and service stack update on my main Win7 x64 on Friday, the machine booted and ran normally yesterday but today has black screened on reaching the desktop. It booted normally in safe mode, and on happening again in normal mode I was able to ctl-alt-del and open task manager when I experimented with ending and restarting explorer.exe which resulted in the desktop appearing. I’ve since rebooted to see if that fixed it, and it waited for several minutes on the “Welcome” screen before the desktop appeared normally.

    and from hms:

    … on 2 laptops (one is Pro; other is Home) that have not been problematic heretofore. They get hung on “Welcome” after selecting user. This started after restarting them the day after installation of svc stack.

    After the suggestion, ran scannow; nothing found.

    Tried to uninstall SSU KB4523206; cannot be uninstalled.

    Then did system restore just prior to SSU install. This seems to work; I have restarted it a couple of times and it logs into the user right away.

    Looks like a complete rollback is the best bet at this point. Any better ideas?