• Installing the Win10 1903 second Sept cumulative update, KB 4522016, prevents installation of .NET 3.5

    Looks like our Keystone Kops patches are turning into bumper cars.

    You may recall that MS has released “optional non-security” third monthly cumulative updates for all versions of Win10 except 1903. Presumably, 1903 will be blessed with its third cumulative update today.

    I’m seeing reports on patchmanagement.org that installing the second cumulative update — you know, the one that’ll protect you from the big, scary, exploited, emergency-patched IE security hole CVE-2019-1367 — makes it impossible to install .NET 3.5.

    Uninstalling KB 4522016, installing .NET 3.5, then re-installing KB 4522016 seems to do the trick.