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  • Is it time to install Win10 1903?

    Posted on May 22nd, 2019 at 08:29 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I can hear you scoffing. But nevermind. I just got this bit of mail:

    Dear Mr. Leonhard,

    In your article, you tell us *how* to prevent Windows 10 from updating to version 1903, (and a lot of time complaining about Microsoft in general), but you entirely neglect to tell your readers *why* we may wish to do so.  The closest you come is a link to a different article listing new features in the update (which is behind a paywall, so I can’t read that anyway).

    Those of you who have been reading my stuff for the past decade (or two) will know the answer immediately. But this reader has a very good point – if you’re coming at this cold, or at least coming at this from the “rah rah” tech press sycophancy, why should you avoid Win10 1903? After all, Microsoft was nice enough to release 1903 yesterday — only for “seekers” who click “Check for updates” at this point — and declare Win10 1809 ready for business/broad deployment, at the same time.

    The simple, and I think overwhelming, answer is that Microsoft has never, ever delivered a stable new version of Windows. Ever. Going back for as long as I’ve been writing about Windows – Pterodactyl Edition or thereabouts.

    The last two versions –Win10 1803 and 1809 — were particularly heinous.

    Combine the inherent risk with the dearth of worthwhile features — it really says something when the #1 new feature is the ability to delay updates, yes? — and you have the perfect combination: Minimal gain at significant risk.

    Let’s be clear, though. If you want to install the latest and greatest, by all means do so! We’ll even help you here on AskWoody. Tell us what you find — and we’ll keep you posted on the howls of pain in the populace at large.

    It’s kinda like wearing a red shirt on a Star Trek away team.