• Windows Secrets merge imminent

    We’re waiting on the developers to put their heads together, but in the next few days you should expect that WindowsSecrets.com will be melded into AskWoody.com. Imperfectly, yes, but the seams shouldn’t be insurmountable.

    If you have a Windows Secrets account and haven’t yet set up an account on AskWoody.com, now would be a very good time to do so. If your AskWoody account has the same email address as your Windows Secrets account, the merge should go through quite easily: All of your WSL posts will be folded into your AskWoody account. The matching email address is key.

    Here’s how things will proceed. WindowsSecrets.com will be shut down, with a redirect to AskWoody.com. (That means if you point your browser to WindowsSecrets.com, you’ll end up at AskWoody.com.) Shortly afterward, the frozen Windows Secrets database will be merged into the AskWoody database.

    At that point, expect slowdowns. We’re moving a metric ton of data — tens of thousands of user accounts, many hundreds of thousands of posts — so don’t be surprised if things are sluggish for a day or even more. While the merge is under way, you’ll have sporadic access to your account and your posts. We may even shut down AskWoody.com for a bit to accommodate the traffic. And Google’s spiders will be crawling and re-indexing for weeks.

    When things come back up, there will be instructions and help for making the leap. With a bit of luck it won’t be too jarring.

    So remember… if you have a Windows Secrets account, get an account set up on AskWoody with an email address that’s the same as the one on Windows Secrets. (DON’T use an email address as your AskWoody username!) Don’t be too surprised when things turn sluggish. And realize that, at some point, Windows Secrets won’t be in Kansas any more.

    There’s an overview of what to expect here.