• Michael Horowitz re-discovers the refreshgwxconfig-B “Get Windows 10” scheduled task

    I though this was all behind us, but:

    Martin Brinkmann talked about the appearance of this scheduled task (among others) back in January, based on a report also documented by Horowitz. As Brinkmann said in January:

    What is puzzling about all this is that GWX should not be running anymore on the system. Microsoft ended the Get Windows 10 campaign in 2016 and there is no reason to keep scheduled tasks or files associated with it on the system.

    Is Microsoft preparing for another Get Windows 10 campaign? Is it a bug? Leftover files on a system that were never removed completely?

    I just checked my clean Seven Semper Fi machine — it doesn’t have the nagware KB 4493132 patch — and it, too, has the scheduled task refreshgwxconfig-B.

    Anybody know what’s going on?