• Microsoft (finally!) acknowledges a bug in Win7 virtual machines after installing the January Monthly Rollup KB 4480963 or Security-only KB 4480964

    Shout-out to Lounger Freeco, who first notified us of the bug almost two weeks ago.

    The KB articles now say:

    After installing this update, virtual machines may fail to restore after being “Saved and Restored” the first time. The error message is, “Failed to restore the virtual machine state: Cannot restore this virtual machine because the saved state data cannot be read. Delete the saved state data and then try to start the virtual machine. (0xC0370027).”

    This affects AMD Bulldozer Family 15h, AMD Jaguar Family 16h, and AMD Puma Family 16h (2nd-gen) microarchitectures.


    After installing this update, shut down the virtual machines before restarting the host.

    Microsoft is working on a resolution and estimates a solution will be available by mid-February 2019.

    Which presumably means it’ll be fixed in today’s Win7 Monthly Rollup.