• Microsoft re-issues the Win7 VB/VBA/VBScript fixing patch KB 4517297

    Bear with me here….

    Microsoft screwed up all of the Windows patches this month, clobbering VisualBasic, VBA and VBScript. You know that.

    It has slowly been releasing Silver Bullet patches — largely single-purpose patches — to fix the error of its ways.

    But there have been problems with the Win7 patch, in particular, KB 4517297. People report that they can’t get it to install, or that it doesn’t fix the problem. Günter Born has details.

    Yesterday, MS released a new version of KB 4517297. The title of the KB article, Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1: August 16, 2019, hasn’t changed. Nor has the content of the KB article, as best I can tell — except for a note at the bottom that the article was updated on August 21.

    What’s different? Does it fix the reported problems with the original KB 4517297? Or is it just a metadata change, to fix installation problems?

    UPDATE: Looks like a metadata change.

    Confirming that all of the files inside the download are dated 8/15. That’s not definitive, but it’s highly indicative of metadata changes.

    Thx @PhantomOfMobile, @etguenni, @SBSDiva