• More problems installing the April Monthly Rollups if you have Avira antivirus

    Remember the ongoing problems with the six (now nine) Win7/8.1/Server patches and the five-or-so incompatible antivirus programs? Bluescreens, extreme slowdowns and the like.

    Earlier this month, when we switched over to MS-DEFCON 4, I was a bit skeptical about Avira. Here’s what I said in the Computerworld article:

    In a private communication, an Avira spokesperson says that Microsoft is no longer blocking the problematic patches on machines running Avira.

    And in fact an Avira spokesman told me on May 2:

    Avira delivered an automatic update to all Windows users on April 17. MS also offers again all updates to Avira users. Unfortunately, MS has still not updated its KB article

    Microsoft’s snazzy new Release Information page was updated on May 3 to say:

    System may be unresponsive after restart if Avira antivirus software installed

    Microsoft and Avira have identified an issue on devices with Avira antivirus software installed that may cause the system to become unresponsive upon restart after installing KB4493472. Microsoft has temporarily blocked devices from receiving this update if Avira antivirus software is installed.

    Next steps: Avira has released an automatic update to address this issue. Guidance for Avira customers can be found in the Avira support article.

    The Release Information page marks the problem as “Mitigated.” But there are many folks who would beg to differ.

    @rhp52 has reported continuing problems getting the Win7 April Monthly Rollup installed while Avira Antivirus is running. Several posters have noted that Avira keeps updating versions — it’s now up to 15.0.1905.1249 — but no joy in Mudville.

    For now, it seems like the best advice for those running Avira antivirus is to:

    1. Make sure Avira is as up to date as you can get it.
    2. Download the Monthly Rollup (which file depends on the version of Windows that you’re using)
    3. Make a full system backup. I use EaseUS Todo Backup Free, but there are many alternatives.
    4. Disconnect from the internet
    5. Install the Rollup
    6. Reconnect.

    Any contrary opinions or experiences?