• MS-DEFCON 2: Patch Tuesday beckons, make sure Auto Update is turned off

    Tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday and you probably know what that means – it’s a good time to get Windows Automatic Update turned off.

    This month we have some fun ‘n games because those of you on Win10 version 1903 may witness a disappearing section in Update Options. But never fear. There are workarounds. (More like yelling at the Microsoft kids to get off the lawn, but nevermind.)

    One thing you should ponder: If Win10 1909 is going to be a Service Pack (with a different name) and it’s being distributed as a cumulative update (again, you have to wonder which bug fixes MS is holding back to beef up the 1909 cumulative update), how does that effect the “feature update deferral” setting. Will 1909 be a new “version” in the classic sense – thus allowing a feature update deferral? Or will it be a cumulative update – thus being put off by the “quality update deferral” setting? Will MS continue to release cumulative updates for 1903 after it’s delivered 1909? (There are parallels to Win7 and Win8, but I doubt that anybody’s thought about that.)

    I think it’s great that we’re finally getting some relief from the insane two-versions-a-year pace. But has anybody thought through how this is, you know, actually going to work?

    Anyway, details in Computerworld. Woody on Windows.