• Patch Lady – 1903 breaks connector on Essentials

    For those of you still using the Windows Server Essentials 2012 or Windows Server Essentials 2016 platforms in your client base that provides the ability to backup the client workstation as well as provide storage, just a heads up.  Every feature release there is a constant battle with the connector software on the clients.  In the past we’ve been able to tell people to reboot the pc several times and the connector “wakes” back up again.  Peter Perry reports that this time with 1903 you’ll need to totally uninstall the connector and reinstall it to get it to hook back into the console.

    It would be nice if Microsoft would support Microsoft, but …. apparently that’s always been asking too much for the Essentials platform.  Note that every feature release the connector software gets stomped on, mangled, or some other nuance that means for those of you running that platform it’s always been a challenge.