• Patch Lady – Hey 1809, we need to talk

    I posted this earlier to the Patchmanagement.org listserve and was urged by Crysta to post it here as well.

    Dear 1809. You are about to be replaced in the hearts and minds of patchers by your younger version 1903. And yet you keep acting like you aren’t ready for business.

    Take your March patching release. All your other older brothers have had a preview release come out on the C week (third Tuesday). You however, have been aloof and haven’t released your C/D week update this month. Last month you released your C/D week for February in the month of March.

    So can we settle down and act like you are ready for Business please? You promised a fix for the Audio bug introduced earlier this month. “Microsoft is working on a resolution and estimates a solution will be available in late March 2019.” Well it’s late March and still no fix.

    My big beef with your tardiness is that it makes determining when a zero day patch has been released harder. Please settle down and release your updates on Tuesdays, along with your older brothers. Thank you.

    (Seriously, it’s now the final week of March, and we’re past the Tuesday of the D week slot.  Releases need to be consistent in their release schedules otherwise it gets confusing to tell what is a zero day release.  The D week releases normally aren’t pushed but if you “seek” updates, that is click on windows update and then check for updates, you would get these D week ones.  I rely on the Windows update history pages and I’ll be giving feedback to Dona that they are used and some weeks I’m going to them on a daily basis to see what’s up.)