• Patch Lady – status report on Windows 7 licenses

    Amy and I are working on purchasing extended support windows 7 licensing.  We know it’s $50 for the license for the first year (and will be increasing thereafter).  Already it’s been interesting that the distributor she uses wasn’t aware of how to handle the order.  They indicated they weren’t aware of it coming and thus didn’t have it in their online store yet.  (excuse me, what rock are you under?)  Amy indicated that it’s acting like this will be handled similar to an Office 365 purchase whereby it will go through a Microsoft account set up.

    To the best of my knowledge and searching, I can’t find any of my normal software shopping places (cdw.com, amazon.com) has the Windows 7 extended security updates offered up.  It’s supposed to be offered only through Cloud Service providers.  BUT, the landing spot to search for a cloud service provider that is small business friendly isn’t the greatest in the world.  Most of the partners in that site that Microsoft recommends based on your zip code don’t work with small businesses.

    When I go to the 365 portal, I also can’t buy it directly from the portal.

    Bottom line, hang loose as we navigate this and let you know exactly how to purchase extended support for Windows 7.