• Problems reported with this month’s Server 2008 Monthly Rollup KB 4493471

    I’m seeing reports of bad problems with KB 4493471, this month’s Monthly Rollup for Server 2008 (not R2). According to an anonymous poster here on AskWoody:

    It was not possible to boot in normal mode, nor in safe mode had to use startup recovery WinPE environment and eventually fall back to system restore to restore back to before the April monthly rollup was installed.

    The poster says that they’re running Avast Free, which isn’t one of the identified antivirus packages with an acknowledged antipathy to this month’s patch. It’s a 64-bit Server 2008 machine.

    He/she has a second machine running 32-bit Server 2008 (again, not R2):

    It boots up ok but has developed new undesirable explorer.exe behavior in that when trying to rename, copy into or delete files out of any protected location that requires UAC elevation to proceed the UAC prompts all occur but the actual operation is never attempted i.e. if renaming a registered file extension there is no warning changing the file type may make the file no longer work or whatever words it would normally use suggesting the abort happens before the changes are even attempted. The action can be completed from an administrator command window .

    Removing the Monthly Rollup relieves the problem. This machine is running Windows Defender.

    Has anybody out there seen this problem?

    Thx, anonymous.