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  • Q: Is it time to install Win10 version 1809?

    Posted on March 4th, 2019 at 13:08 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Just got a great question from SC:

    I need clarification. About mid-January 2019, amid all the 1809 version hullaballoo, I followed AskWoody guidance and set my system to “metered connection” in order to not get the automatic updates.

    I understood the guidance said we would be notified when it would be safe/appropriate to turn the “metered connection” off. I have been awaiting that guidance. Its possible I have missed it or did not recognize it when I saw it.

    To say I am just a little savvy to Windows & IT is a serious overstatement, thus I depend on your help more than might make you comfortable!

    The articles on 1809 updates in this newsletter seem somewhat mixed to me as to whether I should now have version 1809 installed .

    So, I ask, should I now turn off the metered connection or wait? And if/when I turn metering off will all updates/versions needed be automatically installed or do need to take other action, such as implied in this newsletter?

    I have Windows 10, Home Edition, Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.590)

    Many thanks for all you do!

    You’ll see that there are many voices on the forum, and in the newsletter, with different advice. Right now, I still say it’s best to wait until Microsoft gives the go-ahead on Win10 version 1809. But — as Susan notes in this week’s AskWoody Plus Newsletter — we aren’t quite sure how Microsoft is going to announce when 1809 is “ready for business.” The terminology has changed once again (is that the sixth time in the past three years?) and it’s still up in the air. In that same Newsletter, Fred Langa gives directions for upgrading to 1809, specifically so you can use the new feature that shows power usage for each app. As Fred notes, Microsoft screwed up the 1803-to-1809 migration so badly that patching may never be the same.

    We can only hope.

    There are lots of people on the forums who have upgraded to 1809 with no ill effect. It’s certainly in much better shape than it was just a couple of months ago.

    For now, I say sit tight, unless you have a compelling reason to pick up one of the new features (such as the power usage list). I’m gonna wait until Microsoft gives 1809 a clean bill of health (CBOH channel?), and then wait a little while longer, before giving the go-ahead.

    As we get larger, you’re going to see that more and more. Different people — different savvy people — will have varying opinions. If you want to keep up on individual patches, watch Susan’s Patch Watch List and @PKCano’s updating details. But if you’re working on your own machine, and don’t want to turn into a patching guru (trademark pending), keep an eye on the MS-DEFCON number. It’s simple. Maybe even simplistic. But it’s a good way to know which way the wind blows.

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