• Reliable reports of bluescreen after installing Win10 1809’s second March cumulative update, KB 4490481

    Martin Brinkmann advises that you better back up your system before installing KB 4490481, the Win10 1809 “optional non-security” second cumulative update for March (which, confusingly, was released on April 2).

    On ghacks.net:

    Ran into a System Service Exception error on restart after installing the update on one machine. System Restore fixed the issue, Startup repair did not.

    doctorwizz on Tenforums:

    I was rebooting from Win10 to boot to Win8.1. The update was installing on the shutdown phase and it was taking longer to install this time. So I tried to boot to Win10 again. It was continuing to update and bam. BSOD System Service Exception.

    From secondsight, also on Tenforums:

    I like doctorwizz above also have BSOD on every machine I have after restarting to complete this update. They all run Win 10 Enterprise. I don’t have any special software running and I’ve never had such problems before. I got out of the fix by doing a system restore and I’m back at 17783.379 now. I tried an experiment or two. I tried the standalone windows catalog installer….same thing.

    I also found a Chinese language post that may (or may not) be related.

    Of course, I recommend that you NOT install this second monthly cumulative update. Just follow the instructions in my Computerworld article and you’ll be fine.