• Report from the field about ongoing Win7-Avira problems

    Avira’s certainly had a tough time of it lately with multiple attempts to fix the Win7 and 8.1 patch bluescreens introduced in this month’s Patch Tuesday.

    We just got an anonymous report that problems persist with Windows 7 and Avira:

    PC1: Installed Monthly Rollup and IE patch. Initially for 10 min very slow, but then ok. After 3 days (with more Avira updates) Avira would never finish to initialize. Suspecting the AV to be ineffective, I reset that PC to March 2019 (using a restore point). Avira is fully updated. The Avira interface can be started, but only with the (limited rights) user account, that happened to get the update to the newly designed interface, the top right elements (x=close, _=minimize, ?=Help) show and can be clicked. The admin and other user account can only close via Alt-F4, clicking into the area where x should show has apparently no effect whatsoever.

    PC2: No Monthly Rollup. Unending initializing. I wondered if the update might be adapted to Microsoft’s April patches being installed, and installed KB 4493448 and KB 4493435. Same situation: Initializing for some 15 minutes with umbrella taskbar sign open (= indicating protection), after the time-out the sign just goes away. The Avira interface can not be opened at all.

    PC3: Only Avira updated, MS updates never tried. Like PC 1: Avira interface has the top right window elements only with the account that got the update.

    I’m seeing reports of Avira problems all over the web.