• Reported problem with Start menu after installing today’s out-of-band IE patch

    This from Reddit poster pyork211099:

    Broke my Start Menu immediately… It gives me critical error when i click start menu button…

    StartMenuExperienceHost.exe not running. Nor is ShellExperienceHost.exe, actually.

    All users that log in, multiple computers, Domain joined.

    Got a response back from poster apsolutiNN, who describes the same problem. He was running Win10 1903 with the August cumulative update, build 18362.295. He apparently installed KB4524147, skipping the three September cumulative updates, and today’s patch froze his Start button. Rolling back KB4524147 brought the Start button back to life.

    The original poster says:

    18362.356 working fine. [That’s the first September cumulative update. -WL]

    18362.388 breaks start menu. Uninstalling KB4524147 fixes that start menu issue.

    I rolled back the KB4517211 through WSUS.

    Looking for more confirmation.