• Rings within Insider Rings – where you end up, nobody knows

    Those of you in the Insider Program have a choice to make. I’m having a hard time guessing where this is all headed.

    Right now, I can confirm that if you’re in the Release Preview Ring on a completely clean copy of 1903 and check for updates, you end up on 1903 build 18362.448 with an offer to upgrade to 1909

    Looks like Slow Ring is on 1903 (build 18362.10024?), but “you’ll be updated to 20H1/2003 shortly” and you won’t be offered a chance to move to 1909. If I read the tea leaves correctly.

    Fast Ring is a big question mark. Right now, Fast is on 20H1/2003, but will it move to 20H2/2009? Or will it move to 21H1/2103?

    Skip Ahead is also a big unknown. Will it go to 20H2/2009 or 21H1/2103?

    Another way to rephrase the question… Is Microsoft going to switch over to giving us a Service Pack late in the year every year – or are we going back to the old two-versions-every-year pace?

    A related question: Could Microsoft possibly make this any more complex?