• September Patch Tuesday rolling out

    The September 2019 patches are out, and there’s a bumper crop:

    • 216 separate patches in the Catalog – for all versions of Windows
    • 80 identified security holes (CVEs)
    • Two listed as “known” and two listed as “under active attack” – but all four of those are listed as “Important,” not “Critical.” Three of the four are “Elevation of Privilege” which means you have to be infected first before these security holes can be leveraged. The fourth requires that the miscreant have physical control over your machine.
    • Apparent fix for the SearchUI.exe redlining bug introduced last month in Win10 1903

    Martin Brinkmann has his usual extensive discussion on ghacks.net.

    As Dustin Childs says on the Zero Day Initiative blog:

    You’ll notice there are Remote Desktop bugs being patched in this release as well, but unlike BlueKeep and DejaBlue, these members of the Blue Bug Group are all client-side. An attacker would need to convince someone to connect to their malicious RDP server or otherwise intercept (MITM) the traffic. It’s good to see these issues patched, but they don’t carry the urgency of the recent wormable bugs.

    Short version: No big problems just yet, but stay tuned.

    Interesting. The SANS Storm Center says there are five “disclosed” or “exploited” security holes, not four. SANS ISC says — and Microsoft confirms — that CVE-2019-1253 is publicly known. It’s also an “Elevation of Privilege” attack.