• So did MS fix the Win10 1903 SearchUI.exe redlining bug, or not? And are you seeing Start Menu problems?

    I’m seeing sporadic reports that yesterday’s cumulative update for Win10 1903, KB 4515384, fixes the bug introduced in last week’s second August cumulative update, KB 4512941 — the bug that drove Search nuts.

    Here’s a report of success from Slippery on Tenforums:

    Appears to be OK.

    But I’m also seeing reports that it hasn’t been solved. From Loraasch on Reddit:

    I installed KB4515384 and search is completely broken

    Warning others: you probably don’t want to take this update either.

    SearchUI.exe simply never launches, e.g., if you start typing stuff after pressing the Windows key, I guess that’s technically a way to fix the high CPU usage.

    Can anybody out there independently confirm?

    UPDATE: I’m seeing reports of Start Menu problems after installing KB 4515384. IndyPilot80 on Reddit says:

    Thought I would give KB4515384 a shot on a spare test computer (released today, yeah I’m brave). Now, when I type in something to the start menu to bring up a program, it does absolutely nothing.

    Anyone else having the same?

    Edit: I uninstalled it and the problem went away.

    This sounds like the second Search bug in KB 4512941.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: Mayank Parmar at Windows Latest lists these and other bugs.