• “Surface Hub 2S advances Microsoft’s vision to empower teams in today’s modern workplace”


    Hey, if you want a nifty 50-inch TV with an attached Windows PC (albeit Windows with some extra smarts), all it takes is $9,000 for a new Surface Hub 2S. That’ll get you a 3840 x 2560 display, 8th Gen Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD, with an Intel integrated 620 GPU.

    As usual, I’m underwhelmed by Microsoft’s latest announcement — but, admittedly, I’m not part of the targeted demographic.

    Joining a meeting remotely can be painful. It can be hard to stay engaged when you can’t see the people in the room and the content being shared at the same time. Surface Hub 2S helps make meetings more engaging and inclusive of people working remotely. With built-in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business integration, you can start meetings instantly with one touch. The large true-to-life screen, enhanced 4K camera, crystal clear speakers and far-field mic arrays help everyone on the team – local or remote – see and engage with the meeting content and each other, making it feel almost like everyone is in the same room together.

    Oh. The Steelcase push-around cart is an extra $1,450.

    No jokes about Windows 10S, OK? You can decide what the “S” stands for.