• Susan gives the go-ahead for installing this month’s patches

    Susan just posted an update on her Master Patch List:

    Note added 1/21/2019: While Woody is still at Defcon 2, I have tested and installed these updates at home/at my office and have not experienced any show stopping issues. While the updates may have known issues up the wazoo, it hasn’t impacted what I need to do on my machines. For those of you that due to patching or PCI/DSS mandates who need to patch now, I’m comfortable with recommending the January security updates be installed at this time. For those of you that defer to Woody’s guidance, please continue to do so at this time. I’m not seeing widespread attacks specifically using this month’s vulnerabilities so it’s still okay to wait until Woody gives the all clear.

    For those of you who need to update a bunch of machines, that seems like excellent advice.

    For those of you concerned about one or a small handful of machines, I’m sticking at MS-DEFCON 2 for a while — don’t patch — to see if any more problems crop up. As Susan says, there’s no imminent threat. But there sure are a lot of buggy details….

    By the way, there’s one overwhelmingly good detail about this month’s patches. Microsoft is actually testing — no, really, testing — the latest cumulative update to Win10 1809. First time ever, for Win10, to my recollection. I hope it becomes standard operating procedure for Win10 versions. Details about that tomorrow.