• They’ll have to pry Win7 from my cold, clutched claws – Seven Semper Fi

    I think it’s kismet.

    On the day that Microsoft announced it had installed Win10 on 800 million devices (yep, even refrigerators!), I went the other way.

    I’ve kept several Windows 7 virtual machines running for many years. But I finally decided to plunk down some hard cash ($125, to be precise) and bought a refurbished Lenovo ThinkCentre M82 small form factor PC, with a genuine, crisp copy of Windows 7 Pro. I figured it’d be better experiencing the demise of my old friend first-hand, rather than vicariously through a virtual machine.

    So I’m busy setting up the new/old/off-lease Seven Semper Fi.

    A couple of things struck me during the from-scratch installation…. aside from having to clear away the junk (why would they install AVG Free and Adobe Reader on a refurb? no, don’t answer, I know, I know) the install brought back fond memories — remember how you had to actually CHOOSE to activate automatic update, and how the “Check for updates” button actually, you know, checked for updates, instead of installing everything in the swamp?

    Anyway, I’m forging ahead with a minimalist machine, to commiserate with you folks as the inevitable approaches. I got it updated (took about 30 minutes, starting with the updates installed by the refurb company). Restarted three times to finish the process. Installed Firefox (still debating about Chrome). Got rid of AVG Free and installed Microsoft Security Essentials (knowing that it’ll die early next year, too). Added VLC Media Player, 7 Zip, speccy (all from oldergeeks.com, of course) and I’ll install Office 2013 shortly.

    What else would you like me to try?

    The machine works great, by the way. Intel i5-3470, onboard graphics card, 4 GB memory, 250 GB hard drive. It can be leisurely at times, but I don’t mind. Five years ago it would’ve been a contendah.