• We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2

    Susan Bradley’s recommendations are out for the July Windows and Office patches. In the latest AskWoody Plus Newsletter, she gives almost all of them a green light. You can see the detailed recommendations in her latest Master Patch List.

    I just wanted to post a reminder that Susan’s Master Patch List is directed at people who are down in the patching trenches. If you’re looking for detailed advice on installing individual patches, that’s the place to look.

    Most of you, though, aren’t under the gun to get patches installed immediately – you can take a longer view and wait until the dust has settled a bit. For those of you who aren’t worried about safeguarding corporate secrets or political shenanigans, there’s no need to rush – no pressing need to install any of the July patches just yet.

    For most folks, now’s a good time to do nothing. Let’s sit back and see what else might unfold.

    When the coast is clear, I’ll change the MS-DEFCON rating. For now, sit tight.