• Windows 10 Home Ultra

    Rich Woods at Neowin reports that Dell has announced its new line of XPS computers will optionally come with something called Windows 10 Home Ultra. As for availability:

    The new Dell XPs 13 2-in-1 will be available soon, starting at $999. While Dell says soon though, it’s probably safe to assume later rather than sooner, since Intel’s 10th-gen processors are promised for the holiday season.

    Windows 10 Home Ultra appears to be Win10 Home, modified to take advantage of the fancy new hardware that’s coming. Other than that, details are few.

    Mary Jo Foley in ZDNet says it’s:

    a variant that was designed to work on more powerful, higher-end hardware than the systems running the “base” Windows 10 Home editions. Microsoft declined to comment last year on feature differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Home Advanced (or on Windows 10 Home Advanced at all).

    Paul Thurrott has a few more details on thurrott.com (Premium members only):

    Microsoft is finally starting to ship this offering about a year later than expected.

    I’m taking the ol’ wait-and-see attitude. Anybody else remember Windows 7 Home Premium (which included Windows Media Center and not much else) and Windows 7 Ultimate (which offered… a higher price tag)?

    If the “improvements” in Win10 Home Ultra center around support for more expensive hardware, I wonder how long it’ll be before the hardware manufacturers figure out a way to goose their systems running bone-stock Win10 Home?

    UPDATE: Microsoft has disavowed any knowledge of Home Ultra. It appears to be a figment of Dell’s Marketing imagination.

    Mary Jo now says:

    A Microsoft spokesperson has told Neowin that “There is no new version of Windows called Windows 10 Home Ultra.” My bet is there is some higher-end version of Windows 10 Home, but its name may not end up being “Ultra.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this higher-end Home edition of Windows 10 keeps surfacing.

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