• Windows 10 nag for Windows 7 makes an appearance

    Lawrence Abrams at BleepingComputer has the full story.

    As I warned in Computerworld yesterday, the currently optional (but soon to be pushed) patch KB 4493132 carries with it the lovely retro payload shown above.

    Per Abrams, KB 4493132 “installs an executable that will be run daily on Windows.” The executable is sipnotify.exe and it’ll show the notifications starting on April 18.  sipnotify.exe is triggered by two new scheduled tasks. There’s a hook so Microsoft can “modify the message and templates shown at a later date.”

    See the BleepingComputer report for full details.

    Will the “Do not remind me again” checkbox work? My guess is that MS will come up with some mealy-mouthed way to override it, probably by altering the notification at some point…. “You said don’t remind you with that notification, but this is an all new, improved notification and our new machine learning routines said that you would really want it…”

    Somebody remind me of the definition of a Potentially Unwanted Program.

    UPDATE: I’m getting notes from various people — including JR Raphael, via Gregg Keizer (Hi, JR, Gregg!) — that KB 4493132 now appears as checked and Important in Windows Update, at least on some machines. @abbodi86 now notes that the nagware payload won’t be offered to Professional, Enterprise and Embedded editions of Win7.