• Windows Defender Security definition problems

    We’re hearing reports of problems with Definitions Update 1.289.1521.0, preventing scanning in Windows 7 and 8.0 virtual machines. Other OS versions are still being tested by @alqamar.

    Has your machine been affected by this definition update?

    UPDATE: Win 8.1 also affected, but newer OS are ok.
    @alqamar has posted his results
    (This is a real-world problem, not just limited to virtual machines, where early reports were first tested)

    RESOLVED: Microsoft has now issued an update that fixes the issue. In her article on the problem (which was noted as first being seen here), Mary Jo Foley wrote on zdnet.com that update 1.289.1588.0 was issued on March 19th. @alqamar posted his tests were fixed by update 1.289.1587.0.