• Yet another bug with this months Win10 1903 cumulative update: PIN knockout

    I don’t know how widespread this is, but @gpmartens1 reports:

    Applied the KB 4515384 Cumulative Update to 4 machines using Win 10 1903.  On 3 of the 4 machines, it made Pin Login Unavailable.  I uninstalled the update on 1 machine, and it did not fix the problem.  I’ve tried numerous suggested fixes/changes in Group Policy, etc., and nothing has fixed the problem.  No other problems have been noted yet.

    There are other details to getting to this point, but found a solution, after trying 10-15 other suggestions.  Delete the contents of the folder C:\Windows\ServiceProfile\LocalServices\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Ngc , then reboot, and your prompted for the Pin login again.  Don’t know why it’s requiring a 6 digit PIN, because I’ve never set that rule.  The files in the Ngc folder will be rebuilt when you reboot.

    Worth noting: Microsoft says it fixed a similar-sounding bug in the late-late second August cumulative update for 1903. Per KB 4512941:

    Addresses an issue that may prevent the personal identification number (PIN) prompt from appearing when authenticating in Internet Explorer.

    I wonder if this is a new manifestation of an old bug — or a completely new one altogether?

    Have any of you had this problem?