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Daily Archives: January 3, 2020

  • Patch Lady – what about media center?

    Posted on January 3rd, 2020 at 22:32 Susan Bradley Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    For those of you that still rely on Windows media center, I see some folks saying that they are buying extended support updates for Windows 7 because they still just love that platform.

    Others have moved on and are now using other alternatives such as Plex, Synology platforms, Kodi and others.

    What about you?  Are you still using Windows Media Center and what are your plans after January of 2020?

  • Win10 market share up a bit, Win7 down a smidgen, and the browsers haven’t changed much at all

    Posted on January 3rd, 2020 at 08:34 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Along with my usual caveat that the statistics don’t mean much – the raw numbers are enormously skewed, the massaging methods run all over the place – it’s a bit comforting to know that the relative position of Win7 vs Win10 and Chrome browser vs the world didn’t change much in December.

    Netmarketshare says that Win10 went from 53.3% to 54.6% of desktop share between November and December. Their Win7 number went from 26.9% to 26.6% of desktop operating systems.

    Statcounter pegs Win10  at 64,6% to 65.4% of Windows market share. Win7 decreased just a bit from 27.5% in November to 26.8% in December.

    Browsers didn’t budge much at all, with Chrome staying around 67% to 69% and Edge bobbing around 5 to 7%, depending on whose numbers you prefer.

    All tolled, I figure there will be about 400 million PCs still on Win7 when it hits end of life in a couple of weeks. Ed Bott has an impressive analysis on ZDNet. He figures that by the middle of 2020, about 200 million PCs will be running Win7 or 8.1.

    My estimate’s much simpler – and more immediate. I figure there are twice as many Win10 machines as Win7 machines right now. MS says there are about 800 million Win10 machines, so there are about 400 million machines that’ll be on Win7 in a couple of weeks.